Under 14 & 16 Skill Camp

Under 14 & 16 Skill Camp

The Hamilton City Netball Centre Player Development Plan’s purpose is to empower the Netball community by providing development focused and accessible opportunities.

Player Eligibility

  • Under 14 players must be born 2008 or 2007
  • Under 16 must be born 2006 or born 2005


  • Dates: Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th July 2021 - 2 day Camp
  • Time: 9.00am – 3pm

VenueHamilton City Netball Centre

Cost: $100 per player

For more information contact Jamie: (07) 8474007 or development@netballhamilton.org.nz 

The Camp will cover the below aspects:

Day 1:

  • Netball SMART: Safe Landing Skills
  • Attack: Movement, Straight Leads, Change of Pace, Front and Back Cuts
  • Games
  • Lunch
  • Athlete Development: Goal Setting and Nutrition
  • Attack: Using Space Effectively 
  • Games and Recovery protocols

 Day 2:

  • Netball SMART: Creating own warm-up
  • Strength & Conditioning: Muscle Endurance, agility, and speed
  • Defence: Shadowing and Restricting, Pressure on the ball
  • Games
  • Lunch
  • Athlete Development: Core strength and mobility
  • Defence: One on one & Space Marking
  • Games and Recovery protocols

Ensure you bring your lunch and appropriate clothing for the weather change

If it is raining we will still go ahead

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