Year 3-6 Skill Camp

Year 3-6  Skill Camp 2023

The Hamilton City Netball Centre Player Development Plan’s purpose is to empower the Netball community by providing development focused and accessible opportunities.

Player Eligibility

  • Year 3-4: Must be in Year 3 or Year 4 level currently at school
  • Year 5-6: Must be in Year 5 or Year 6 level currently at school


  • Dates: 
    • Year 3-4: July 4th 
    • Year 5-6: July 3rd & 5th 
  • Time: 9am – 3pm

Due to Hamilton City Netball Centre hosting the Under 18 tournament on July 10th-13th, we have had to have all of our Skill Camps on the first week of the school holidays. Unfortunately, this means the Year 3-4 are only able to have 1 day for their Skill Camp. 

VenueHamilton City Netball Centre

Cost: $50 per player/per day

Registration: Click on the Register button at the top of this page to register

Day Schedule:

  • Skills & Activities 
  • Morning Break
  • Netball Games
  • Lunch
  • Skills & Activities 
  • Player Focused Learning
  • Afternoon Break
  • Netball Games
Year 3-4

Skills & Activites will focus around:

  • Ball Skills: Passing/Catching 
  • Movement: Stable Body Position, Footwork & Pivoting, Reaction.
  • Defence: Intercepting 
  • Attack: Shooting

Game Format: 5v5

Year 5-6

Skills & Activites will focus around:

  • Ball Skills: Different Passing Techniques 
  • Movement: Stopping & Landing 
  • Movement: Dodge, Drive and Pivot. Reaction.
  • Defence: Shadowing, Intercepting & Pressure on Ball
  • Attack: Shooting

Game Format: 6v6

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