Year 7-8 Skill Sessions

Year 7-8 Skill Sessions Term 4 2022

Year 7-8 Skill Sessions provides an opportunity for all abilities to participate in skill development activities. You do not have to be playing in a netball team to register.

Player Eligibility

  • Must be Year 7 or Year 8 School level


Dates: Tuesdays for 6 weeks from 18th October

Time: 5.30pm - 7pm

Venue: Hamilton City Netball Centre

Cost: $80 per player - [Players may purchase Poipoia te Manawa apparel sold separately]

For more information contact: (07) 8474007 or 

If you need to arrange a payment plan contact the centre email

The Skills Sessions will cover the below aspects:

Focus on using cross-code sport activities to impletment into Netball Skills. Promomoting different movements and techniques that can help develop players funtamental skill and impletment into Netball skills. As well as each week players will learn more about positions of the 7v7 game and focus on specfic game rules

Week 1: Landing 

  • Fitness Testing
  • Safe Landing Skills
  • Skill activities 
  • Games

Week 2: Ball Skills and Footwork

  • Variety of passes
  • Different Pass Techniques & Equipment   
  • Games

Week 3: Attack: Movement

  • Straight leads
  • Dodging & Change of Direction
  • Movement [Take Off & Stopping]
  • Reaction
  • Games

Week 4: Attack: 

  • Passing into space
  • Timing of movement
  • Target
  • Shooting
  • Games

Week 5: Defence

  • Pressure on the Ball
  • Shadowing and Blocking 
  • Intercepting
  • Games

Week: 6: Games

  • Fitness Testing
  • Skill Activities
  • Games
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