Year 9-10 Development: In-season

Year 9-10 Development: In-Season 2023

Hamilton City Netball Centre’s Poipoia te Manawa Programme means to Nurture the Heart of Netball and it is the centres Player Development Plan (PDP). The purpose is to empower the Netball community by providing opportunities that are development focused and accessible.
The programme includes:

  • Participants will be observed in each programme of Poipoia te Manawa, to ensure they are participating at the appropriate level for the individual player.
  • Participants will engage in physical skills and tactics which are netball specific, including strength, conditioning, and game play; with a strong emphasis placed on inclusion and having fun.
  • Participants will engage in the athlete development programme, including Netball Smart warm up, Player Smart, and improving knowledge on training, recovery, welling being, and injury management.
  • Poipoia te Manawa also utilises concepts from other sports as research shows that multisport helps improve overall sport skills and allows enjoyment of a lifetime of physical participation.

Poipoia te Manawa is open to all:

  • Any gender
  • New or existing players of Netball
  • From any Centre
  • Currently registered to a team/club/school or NOT registered in a team/club/school 

Age Groups:

  • Year 9: Must be in that year of school in the year of participation.
  • Year 10: Must be in that year of school in the year of participation.

Programe Dates:

  • Dates: 8 weeks -  Wednesday [10th May - 28th June 2023] 
  • Time: 5.30pm – 7.30pm
  • VenueHamilton City Netball Centre


  • Date: HCNC Poipoia Te Manawa Festival - Sunday 18th June 2023
  • Time: approx. 9am-2pm
  • VenueHamilton City Netball Centre


  • $120 per player

Apparel (optional):

  • Hoodie $65
  • Tee Shirt $35

Available with registration, if you do NOT wish to purchase these items select "already have"

Any queries please contact our Development Co-ordinator Irene:

Year 9-10

The theme in the Year 9-10 programme focuses on GAINING POSSESSION. 

Gaining and maintaining possession of the ball are key elements to success in Netball. The more turnovers that can be created, the more opportunities teams get to take the ball to the goal. These sessions will focus on deception, vision and retention, essential for gaining possession and providing decisive attacking opportunities.

Programme Schedule: 

8-week programme plus Festival Day

Each will have a focus on Althete Development on and off court. Coaches will also adapt session to players and add other skill development to each session where required.

  • Week 1 - Observations, Testing & Netball Smart 
  • Week 2 - Deceive to Receive 
  • Week 3 - Vision
  • Week 4 - Retention 
  • Week 5 - Defend to Receive 
  • Week 6 - Creating Turnover 
  • Week 7 - Team Activities
  • Week 8 - Debrief/ Conclusion 
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