Nutrition Workshops

We are delivering workshops on Fundamental Nutrition, Sports nutrition for performance, and how the menstrual cycle affects performance.

All workshops will be held online via Zoom and are FREE to our Netball community.

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Jamie Ogilvy: Workshop Facilitator
Development Coordinator

I am currently completing a Post Graduate Bachelor in Sport & Exercise Science at Wintec. I have previously facilitated Nutrition Workshops for Waikato Institute of Sport and Leisure and have a passion for sports nutrition, fitness, and health in general.


At the most basic level, nutrition is important for athletes because it provides a source of energy required to perform the activity. The food we eat impacts our strength, training, performance, and recovery.  

Menstrual Cycle

As women in the sport we train just as hard as men, however, we are very different.  Our menstrual cycle creates fluctuations in hormone levels however, our female physiology is not a weakness and it definitely doesn't impede our training goals or stop us in action.  While we know that every woman is different when it comes to her period, we can use science to better guide our training choices.

I will be covering some aspects of these topics in my online workshops.  They can be very beneficial to learn about as a player, parent, coach or manager of any sports teams. 

Fundamental Nutrition
23rd August 2020: 7.00 - 7.30pm

This workshop will cover the importance of Fundamental Nutrition, a balanced diet, and food choices for training and maintaining healthy. 

Sports Performance Nutrition
30th August 2020: 7.00 - 7.30pm

This workshop will cover the importance of fluid replacement, and the timing of food ingestion for optimal performance and recovery.  

Menstrual Cycle
20th September 2020: 7.00 - 7.30pm

In this session we will discuss the menstrual cycle; how it affects performance, the different phases, and how important learning about our Menstrual cycle can benefit our training.  

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