Umpire Leadership Group

The Umpire Leadership Group is made up of experienced umpires and our Development Coordinator.  We are all passionate about umpiring and the sport of Netball.  In 2019 we created this group with a common goal of, building a strong foundation and developing robust pathways for all our Hamilton City Netball Centre Umpires and those people who are wanting to start their journey.  Together we make unilateral decisions for our umpiring community rather than one person making decisions or consulting all members.

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Jamie Ogilvy
Development Coordinator

I am the Development Coordinator for Hamilton City Netball Centre.  My role is to create and administer development pathways for players and umpires.  As well as working for the Centre I am currently completing a Post Graduate Bachelor in Sport & Exercise Science at Wintec. I have a background as a fitness trainer and injury rehabilitation.  

I have a passion for sports, nutrition, fitness and health in general. I love the positive affect sport has on people of all ages, from young children and elite athletes through to retired volunteers that help every weekend.   Sport has proven to increase all aspects of wellbeing – physical, social and mental. Sport builds relationships, communities, increases life satisfaction, self-image, discipline, academic performance and has been shown to decrease depression and anxiety. 

I am privileged to be apart of this group and work with such inspiring, passionate and knowledgeable umpires. 

Darne Rawiri

My umpiring journey on the development pathway began in 2014, and has been both influential and beneficial for my umpiring career. Alot of learnings as an umpire are an attribution of your life skills and what makes you who you are.

From performing on the local circuits, to national tournaments in a high performance environment, these experiences have given me great opportunities as an umpire and allowed me to develop as an umpire coach.

I'm grateful to be part of a learning culture amongst people who are willing to embrace the dynamic role of a netball umpire. Whether you're experienced or new, I believe in a 'One Team' approach. To me, that is the benchmark of our culture at the Hamilton City Netball Centre.  Being a part of the culture as an ambassador and educator for umpires makes me proud to call our Centre my home.

Fiona Miller

Umpiring for me is a two-part enjoyment.

  1. learning and growing in excellence and understanding of umpiring techniques and the Rules of Netball. 
  2. sharing that knowledge and experience with new and developing umpires.

My netball journey includes playing indoor & outdoor netball, coaching primary/secondary school teams and learning how to umpire.

  • 2013: I passed Centre Theory, I joyfully gained my Centre Award the following year.  
  • 2017: I shifted focus from club umpiring to Pathway umpiring, leading to my Zone Award.
  • 2018: I passed NZ Theory and I also took on the challenges of being an Umpire Coach, as well as facilitating Introduction to Umpiring workshops.
  • 2019: I was invited to participate in the Level One Umpiring Performance squad and gained my NZ 'C' Badge at UNISS at the end of 2019. 

I feel very privileged to work with a tight-knit and supportive group of umpires at the Hamilton City Netball Centre, as well as a wider group of umpires/umpire coaches of our Zone.

Ruth Robinson

I started umpiring as a way of getting back into the sport that I loved and still love!  I started playing when I was 15 and took up coaching during two lots of rehabilitation on my knees at 22 (yes, I managed to rupture both my ACL’s within 2 years). However, I was very persistent in wanting to play the sport I loved and continued playing until my knees just couldn’t do it anymore.  This was a devasting decision for me and I just had to stay away from any netball. I left the game.

After five years I still yearned to be involved with netball, I missed the game and most importantly the comradery of being around people who shared the same love of the game.

  • 2012 I gained my Centre badge that year, then the following season gained my Zone Badge.
  • 2014 I attained my NZ Theory and was appointed to my first NNZU17’s.
  • 2015 I was awarded my NZ C Badge and appointed to NNZU17’s
  • 2017 I attended the World Masters Games where I was appointed to the Final.
  • 2018 I was appointed again to NNZU17’s. I would have to say that the 2018 UNISS tournament was a special highlight for me being awarded my NZB Badge, appointed to the 3 vs 4 game and reserve to the Final and then to top it off being invited to join the Level 2 squad.
  • 2019 I was appointed to the NNZU19s, umpired at the Men’s Nationals in Wellington and I am still involved in the Level 2 squad.

I am a certified Umpire Coach and just love giving back to help others and see passion for umpiring ignited in others.  Netball Umpiring ticks all the boxes for me, comradery, keeping fit, staying in the game I love, striving for success and a dose of competition!

Andrea Hall

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