The futureFERNS programme allows players to progress though modified formats of Netball that adapts to their stage of physical and mental development. The purpose is to grow their netball skills aswell as their overall physical literacy which includes confidence, motivation, knowledge and understanding and physical competence.


The purpose of futureFERNS is to provide the players with a fun and safe environment that gives them opportunities to participate. The programme encourages kids to develop their skills by providing a progressive introduction to Netball. This in turn will hopefully develop into a lifelong love of the game


According to a research conducted by AUT and Netball New Zealand, futureFERNS results in, 50% more successful passes, more decision making opportunities, more engaged players, modified equipment, and more successful shots on goal. 

Netball has been modified since the 1900's and as more reviews and research surfaces, the game will continue to adapt. 

The Hamilton City Netball Centre futureFERNS programme offers three different year groups for our junior Netball programme: Year 1-2, Year 3-4, & Year 5-6

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