Fitness for Netball

Stay in shape for netball with these fitness videos which everyone can do.

Fitness with Jamie - Lower body

4 x exercises: Squats, Lunges, Hamstring Curls, Glute Bridge 40 seconds per exercise - 20 seconds rest between exercises Complete 3 rounds


Fitness with Jamie - Upper body and Core

Cycle through exercises for 3 rounds Rest for 20 seconds between each round 10 x Pushups 10 x Bench Dips 10 x Mountain climbers 10 x Russian Twist 10 x Shoulder taps


Fitness Test with Jamie

Try this Fitness Test out and retest yourself in a few weeks. We are getting closer to playing, so please look after your bodies and start conditioning.  Fitness testing is an awesome way to keep accountable and to track yourself. Set yourself some small goals and work on them


Fitness with Jamie - Quality Movement

3 rounds of quality movement 10 x single leg RDL each side 5 x side plank leg lift each side 10 x box jumps/step ups 10 x jumping lunge each leg

Fitness with Jamie - Get Ready for Netball

Level 2 - Get ready for netball & stay fit. 3 rounds of 5 x exercises 10 x burpees 10 x squat jumps 10 x lateral lunges 10 x later hops 10 x leg raisers

Fitness with Jamie - Skipping

Why is skipping good for Netball? Jumping quickly over a fast-moving rope gives the netballer lightness and agility on their feet. It helps them to stay on their toes and feel confident about moving around their player and the ball.

Exercise: 30 seconds work / 30 seconds rest - 3 rounds 1. standard fast-paced skipping 2. Front to back skipping 3. Side to side skipping 4. Right foot single leg skipping 5. Left foot single leg skipping 6. Running skipping 7. Double unders

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