Umpire Leadership Team
2023 Umpire Leadership Team

The Umpire Leadership Team is made up of experienced umpires and our Development Coordinator.  We are all passionate about umpiring and the sport of Netball.  In 2019 we created this group with a common goal of, building a strong foundation and developing robust pathways for all our Hamilton City Netball Centre Umpires and those people who are wanting to start their journey.  Together we make unilateral decisions for our umpiring community.

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Clare Frankhouser
Centre Manager HCNC

It is my pleasure to bring this group of people together to lead the umpire community for Hamilton City Netball Centre.  As a group they are a wealth of knowledge and experience.  They all have what is best for netball and the umpires within our community at heart.


Fiona Miller

I have been involved with HCNC Pathway Umpires since 2017. I work with umpires in various roles: up to Zone Award Umpire Coach/Assessor,  Zone Theory & NZ Theory Tutor, Introduction to Umpiring course Facilitator and Umpire Mentor. My role within the Umpire Leadership Team includes all aspects of Umpire Education and ITU/Centre Award oversight.

I feel very privileged to work with the tight-knit and supportive group of umpires at the Hamilton City Netball Centre, as well as the wider group of Umpires/Umpire Coaches of our Zone.

My umpire achievements include U15/U16 Junior Nationals selection in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021 & 2022 [3rd/4th U16 Final] & WaiBOP Level One Umpiring Performance Squad in 2019. I hold a NZ 'C' Award/Badge.

Ruth Robinson

I started umpiring as a way of getting back into the sport that I loved and still love!  I started playing when I was 15 and took up coaching during two lots of rehabilitation on my knees at 22 (yes, I managed to rupture both my ACL’s within 2 years). However, I was very persistent in wanting to play the sport I loved and continued playing until my knees just couldn’t do it anymore.  This was a devasting decision for me and I just had to stay away from any netball. I left the game.

After five years I still yearned to be involved with netball, I missed the game and most importantly the comradery of being around people who shared the same love of the game.  

I have my NZ B Award and I am a certified Umpire Coach.  I just love giving back to help others and see passion for umpiring ignited in others.  Netball Umpiring ticks all the boxes for me, comradery, keeping fit, staying in the game I love, striving for success and a dose of competition!

Sophie Macintyre

I have played netball since I was 9, and in 2016 I decided to pick up the whistle and give umpiring a go. Since then I have received my Centre and Zone Badge and in 2020 my NZ Theory award. I have had the pleasure of representing Hamilton City Centre at tournaments, most recently being selected to umpire at the Taranaki U16s in 2022. I took a short break from umpiring due to illness and injury, but have since returned and become a member of the umpire leadership team. I have taken on the role of Duty Umpire Co-ordinator, which is something I’ve found myself really enjoying. Under the mentorship of  Ruth, I have also taken on the Saturday Umpire Draw Steward role. In addition to this, I am a fresh, yet qualified umpire coach and I look forward to developing myself in this space alongside those I coach. 

Andrea Hall


Information Coming :)


Caitlyn Forrest

I have been involved in netball ever since I was little, started playing then when I was about year 10. I decided to pick up the whistle to umpire my sisters team, not thinking my journey would go anywhere. Now I currently hold NZ theory on the pathway for NZ C badge. My biggest achievement so far for umpiring was in 2022, where I went down to Taranaki for u16’s and was selected to umpire the u16 B Grade finals, then later on in the year attend UNISS where I was given the opportunity to umpire the C grade final. This year I have picked up the role as an umpire coach and ITU course facilitator and am very excited to be working with our new umpires as they start their Journey. 

 In 2023 I am lucky enough to gain the opportunity to be a part of the leadership team, and feel very privileged to be working with very knowledgeable and amazing umpires to ensure each umpire feels supported. Always down at the netball courts on a Saturday from 8:30 in the morning, so don't be afraid to ask questions or have a chat.

Tania Fink

I am a currently an IUA qualified umpire and member of the National Umpire Squad. I began umpiring at HCNC over 20 years ago and feel very privileged to be able to share my knowledge and experience with our amazing umpiring community. 

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