Balance is Better

Balance is Better 

Balance is Better is about creating quality experiences for all young people to keep them active and in the game.

Nine Balance is Better principles were created to support the whole sport system (sport leaders, administrators, coaches, parents, wh ānau) to think about how they can provide quality sport experiences for young people. These principles should help guide thinking about the design and delivery of sport experiences for young New Zealanders aged 5-18, so that these experiences:

  • encourage young people to stay involved in sport for life
  • support young people to realise their potential at the right time
  • enable wider wellbeing outcomes to be generated for young people in and through sport Principles 

Balance is Better Principles:

Safe, fair and inclusive 

All New Zealanders have the right to participate in sport in a safe, fair and inclusive environment

Quality experiences, regardless of ability or motivations

All young people should receive a quality sport experience, irrespective of the level at which they are involved.

Bold and courageous leadership

Bold and courageous leadership at national, regional and local levels is required to design and deliver quality youth sport participation and development opportunities.

Working together

Aotearoa’s sport sector must work collaboratively to encourage the widest possible change for the wellbeing and sport participation of young New Zealanders.

Collective attitudinal change

Sport leaders, coaches, administrators, parents, and caregivers involved in youth sport must collectively lead attitudinal change.

Skill development for all

All young people should be offered participation and skill development opportunities.

Encourage variety

All young people should be supported to participate in a range of activities and play multiple sports.

Talent ID occurs later

Talent Identification should occur later in young people’s development; reviewing the role and nature of national and regional representative selections and tournaments is an important step in ensuring elite sport attitudes and practices are introduced at developmentally appropriate times.

Balance getting better with doing too much

Adults need to proactively monitor and manage the workload (intensity and volume) of motivated young people to mitigate the risks of overtraining and overloading.

For Parents - Parents are great enablers of youth sport.  Providing trsnports, washing uniformsna dn being good role models.  How can you support Balance is Better?

For Coaches - Creating positive experiences for all the young people you coach is so important to keeping them in sport.  How can you provide great coaching expereiences?

For Leaders and Administrators - The actions you take as a club captain, school sport coordinator or sporting organisation can have a lasting impact.  How can you align with Balance is Better?

Good Sports

Good Sports - Positive Experience

Are you providing a positive experience? The Good Sports initiative believes we need to raise adults’ awareness about their behaviours in children’s sport, and if necessary, promote a positive shift in that behaviour.This is a great reminder to always focus on giving our kids a positive experience in play, sport and active recreation.#goodsportswaikato #behaviourchange #positiveshift 

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