Coaching Workshops

futureFERNS Coaching Workshops - 2024

The aim of workshops is to provide coaches of each year level with the foundation skills needed to deliver quality coaching sessions, focused on the development of basic Netball skills and skill correction. Workshops are designed to be interactive and to enable participants to share knowledge, experiences, ask questions, obtain feedback and gain confidence.

Workshops will cover the philosophy of the programme, give an understanding of the modified game, key coaching points and sample practice activities. On completion of the workshop, coaches will gain access to the online coaching resources.

Year 1-2 Workshop

  • Thursday 11th April 2024: 6pm-8pm

  • Saturday 4th May 2024: 9am-11am

Year 3-4 Workshop

  • Tuesday 9th April 2024: 6pm-8pm

  • Saturday 4th May 2024: 12pm-2pm

Year 5-6 Workshop

Coaches & Umpires are encouraged to attend workshop

  • Wednesday 10th April 2024: 6pm-8pm

  • Saturday 4th May 2024: 3pm-5pm

To register: click on the 'Register' button at the top of this page.

Venue: Hamilton City Netball Centre

Cost: FREE

Any other queries please contact Irene Gubb: Email - Coach Development

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