The government has announced that we are in Level 2 again from 6am this morning until Sunday.  Monday Open Grade Double Up League and Friday Mixed Double Up League WILL go ahead with Level 2 processes and procedures in place. Emails will be sent to teams with further information. Please make sure that your contact details are up to date and that every person in your team, including Coaches and Managers, are registered with full contact details. All Skill Sessions WILL go ahead with Level 2 processes and procedures in place. Emails will be sent out with further information.We all did this last year, we all did this earlier this month, we can all do it again


The government has announced we will be in Level 1 from midnight tonight!  This means that netball can finish the season under Level 1 guidelines and Level 1 days and times for each competition. Our team is working on finalising details right now and will get the Level 1 draw times out to Club and Team Managers ASAP with some further information.

We have had feedback that some teams would like to stay with the Level 2 days and times for the last week. While we can see that this would be less disruptive for some teams, there are many teams who for a variety of reasons, have been unable to play under Level 2. We really want them to have the opportunity to finish the season with us and be part of the enjoyment of playing netball.Level 1 is going to mean more people at the Centre.

Please be patient and be kind as we all adjust to being back in larger crowds. And please extend this courtesy to our neighbours and think about where you are going to park your car.Covid-19 has not gone so please remember: Personal Hygiene Stay home if unwell Keep track of where you've been.  Lets finish this season with sunshine and lots of smiles!


Today's government announcement has us staying under Covid Level 2 until at least 11.59pm Sunday 6th September.

We have proven in the last 7 days that we can play netball at Hamilton City Netball Centre under Level 2 and meet all the guidelines from 7 different official bodies. It just takes all teams working together and following the processes and procedures and some hard work from the staff and volunteer team (worth it for the smiles we have been seeing!).  So we are going to do our very best to continue to provide netball for you in the next 2 weeks.

What we are asking of our community to make this possible is:

- Keep following the processes and procedures - they are there to keep everyone safe.

- Be patient - our staff and volunteer team are working long hours in the background to get all the information you need to you.

- Wait for information to come out - please don't phone or email the Centre or the staff unless it is urgent and directly related to netball in the next 2 weeks. The more time taken up with answering queries the longer it takes to get information to you.

- Be Kind - we are all in this together. It is "weird" and "strange" and "really detailed and time consuming" to be able to play netball in Level 2. But we all agree we want to play!

#staysafe #wecandothis


Clarification for Year 7-8, Secondary and Open Grades:
eg Draw for your team says 12.15pm
12.05pm - you will line up at your court number cone outside the Centre
12.15pm - your team will be let into the Centre and move to your court for your Warm Up
12.45pm - your game will start


Further information on how entry and exit procedures will occur has been sent to Club Managers with Contact Tracing forms. There is a specific form for futureFERNs competitions .
Further information specific to each competition and the draw for each competition. There will be format changes to some competitions will follow in the coming days.
HUGE Thank you for all the positive messages you have been sending through - we really appreciate them :)


Club Managers, Coaches and Mangers have been emailed information on what days and times netball competitions will operate under Level 2 starting from Tuesday 18th August. We have included for a map of the courts with illustrations of how netball will operate, as well as a day by day timetable

Further information specific to each competition, the draw for each competition and entry and exit procedures will follow in the coming days. There will be format changes to some competitions.
The situation is changing constantly and quickly.  We are balancing the need to get information out to you with the need to wait for the government and the Ministry of Health to provide information to Sport New Zealand and other bodies who provide us with guidelines on how and if we can operate. 
Netball is the one of the most complex sports to operate under Level 2 as we hold all of our games in one location with so many people involved. (HCNC currently has 492 teams over 12 competitions – this equates to over 6000 people when you take into consideration players, umpires, coaches and managers).
Now is the time to work together, be patient and be kind. We are all in this together and we all want to keep everyone safe while at the same time remaining connected to the netball community and playing the sport we love.
#staysafe #wecandothis
Remember:✅ Personal Hygiene✅ Stay home if unwell✅ Keep track of where you've been


Due to further developments ALL NETBALL is CANCELLED until further notice.We are really upset about this but it is in the interests of the safety of everyone that we cancel netball until further advisement from the government.
#staysafe #wecan do this

✅ Personal Hygiene

✅ Stay home if unwell

✅ Keep track of where you've been


Hamilton is in Covid Level 2 from midday Wednesday 12th until midnight Friday 14th August.
Hamilton City Netball Centre is putting in place all of our Level 2 plans (summary document attached) for these 3 days.
Below is an update on the status of each competition. Club Managers, Coaches, Team Managers have been sent emails with further details relating to the individual competitions where they have been cancelled or are continuing with restrictions. Please communicate with your teams what these updates are and if there are restrictions how you are going to manage your team through the restrictions.
Competition Updates:

Wednesday 12th August

futureFERNs Year 5-6 - CANCELLED

Open Grade Training - Continuing with restrictions
Thursday 13th August

futureFERNs Year 1-2 - CANCELLED

Thursday Outdoor Open Grade - Continuing with restrictions

Thursday Indoor Premier - Continuing with restrictions

Saturday 15th August onwards

All competitions continuing as normal until further notice - The Level 2 period at this stage does not continue after Friday midnight.IF there are any changes we will communicate this out as soon we we can. PLEASE don't contact us.
#staysafe #wecan do this


✅ Personal Hygiene

✅ Stay home if unwell

✅ Keep track of where you've been


We are in Level 2 from midday tomorrow (Wednesday) until midnight on Friday.

We will release a communication on how our Wednesday and Thursday competitions will be run before midday tomorrow.

Please do not contact us until the communication comes out. As a team we need to focus our time on planning to get you the information you need. #staysafe #wecandothis 


2020 Competition Dates & Fees - Post Covid-19

Phase 3 - Return to Play is just around the corner!!!

Club Managers today have been sent details of our planned 2020 post covid-19 season. Details will also be up on our website in the next couple of hours.

Start dates are:
Thursday Premier Indoor Open Grade - 25 June
Thursday Outdoor Open Grade - 25 June
Saturday Open Grade - 27 June
Secondary - 25 July
Monday Secondary Premier - 03 August
Intermediate (Yr 7-8) - 25 July
futureFERNs Yr 5-6 - 22 July
futureFERNs Yr 3-4 - 21 July
futureFERNs Yr 1-2 - 30 July

All Open Grade competitions will have a 12 week season. Secondary, Intermediate and futureFERNs will have a 10 week season. Monday Secondary Premier will be 7 weeks.

All games will follow Ministry of Health guidelines.

We are excited to be able to share these plans with you and are very much looking forward to seeing you all back on the courts.


Netball NZ Return to Play Guidelines

Really exciting!! Netball NZ have this morning released the Level 2 guidelines for returning to netball.  The link is at the bottom of this and available on our Facebook page.

Please be patient with us for just a lit bit longer as we now take these guidelines and apply them to Hamilton City Netball Centre and complete all the documentation.

What we do ask you is that if you haven't registered your team for a competition this season, please do this now. This helps us to understand what numbers we are dealing with.

As you will see from the release the EARLIEST dates possible are:

Prepare to Play
Netball activity may start on or after 29 May, 2020
This includes trainings and workshops. This does not include the delivery of competitions.

Return to Play
All Netball activity may start on or after 19 June, 2020.
This includes the delivery of competitions. Centres moving into the delivery of each of these phases must ensure they are compliant with all requirements as outlined in the guidelines.



Netball NZ - COVID-19 Alert Level 2 Announcement

With New Zealand moving to Alert Level 2 tonight, Netball NZ stresses the fact this does not mean a return to Netball activity as yet.

In light of Sport NZ today confirming that the 10-person gathering limit now applies to all community sport, Netball NZ will implement a three-phased approach return to Netball:

▪ Get Ready to Play ▪ Prepare to Play ▪ Return to Play

This approach is based off the Government recommendation of a considered return to community sport and is supported by all six winter codes; Netball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Rugby League and Rugby Union.


Get Ready to Play - Netball Centres can open on or after 15 May 2020 but no training is to commence.

Centres must be confident that they fully understand all Level 2 guidelines for sport and ensure that the following requirements can be met to ensure the safety of all staff.

• Centres with staff must complete a Worksafe plan - https://worksafe.govt.nz/dmsdocument/27557-covid-19-safety-plan-templateword-version/latest

• Centres with staff must complete the Risk Assessment for returning staff and contractors form (attached and at this link here)

• All Centres must meet Hygiene and Sanitation requirements - https://sportnz.org.nz/covid-19/sector-advice/hygiene-and-sanitation-guidance/

• All Centres must meet Contact Tracing requirements (find the log here )

• All Centres must meet physical distancing requirements.

Netball NZ asks Netball Centres to adhere to a “Get Ready to Play’ period of a minimum of two weeks, subject to further government update on numbers permitted for community sport.

With this in mind, there will be NO Netball activity, training or playing permitted during this ‘Get Ready to Play’ period.

During the ‘Get Ready’ period we recommend Centres take the time to fully understand the guidelines and plan the measures that need to be taken to ensure their facility is prepared to safely move into the Prepare to Play phase (when trainings will be permitted)
These measures include what ‘must’ be done such as contact tracing, physical distancing & hygiene and sanitation requirements.

We will release further information on these requirements early next week and the timing around when we can enter the ‘Prepare to Play’ phase, and what this looks like in regards to training. Timings regarding when training can commence will be subject to government updates on numbers permitted for grassroots sport.

While Netball NZ is delighted that Kiwis are a step closer to retuning to netball courts around the country, it is crucial that all Centres, clubs and schools understand the requirements and are confident in implementing these to ensure the safety of all participants.

You are our experts in delivering Netball to our participants and we believe this is a great opportunity to show our communities how Netball can lead the way for organised sport in New Zealand. Netball New Zealand will provide detailed guidance around timeframes and the government requirements; however, Centres will be responsible to ensure that all safety requirements are met and Centres who will be held accountable if these guidelines are breached. We need to take the time to get this right.

Once again, we thank you for your patience and understanding during this time and will provide further information on the phased approach early next week.

Find the latest guidelines here https://sportnz.org.nz/assets/Uploads/Play-ActiveRecreation-and-Sport-at-Alert-Level-2.pdf

Kind regards
Ruth Stanley

Head of Community Netball New Zealand 

Covid-19 Update

Following today's announcement by the government that we will be moving to Level 2 on Thursday 14 May, we would like to remind you that Netball NZ and our Centre will be releasing more information in the coming days.

The information coming out soon will provide more detail on when we can return to training, when and how competitions can start, how contact tracing will work, what hygiene measures will be in place and how this will effect the use of the Centre.

We Thank You for your patience in this while we work hard to make sure it is safe for everyone to come back to netball.

We are so very nearly there! Enjoy visiting your friends and family and giving them a hug from Thursday.


Sport NZ / Netball NZ Update

Today has been a huge day for Community Sport with important announcements from the Government and from Sport NZ as we look to move into Level 2. Netball NZ are working hard on guidelines for our sport from the general Sport NZ guidelines.

The below is the information just sent to us from Netball New Zealand. We will keep you updated next week as more details are determined. We Thank You for your patience as we work towards doing all we have to do to get everyone back on court safely.

"This afternoon the government announced the guidelines that will be applicable when we move to Level 2. The good news is that organised sport at Community level can start to work towards a return, subject to some very important conditions relating to hygiene, contract tracing and mass gatherings being met.
Sport NZ have published these guidelines on its website available at this link https://sportnz.org.nz/…/Play-Active-Recreation-Sport-Alert… These include guidance around hygiene, contract tracing and mass gatherings, and how these apply to various forms of play, active recreation and sport.

It is important that all sports take time to fully understand the guidelines and how they will be implemented to ensure that a return to participation and play is both safe and compliant
“We expect that sports will take some time to understand what this means, so people should expect a phased approach of getting organised, establishing appropriate protocols and ensuring volunteers, participants and supporters know how to follow them.” says Sport NZ CEO Peter Miskimmin

A key priority for Netball is having surety that we can ensure a safe well managed environment for return to play that complies with all ministry guidelines. We will need to ensure that not only our players, but our netball system is prepared for play before we can successfully return to play.

We will be giving full consideration to these guidelines, ensuring there is clarity across the system with robust and detailed plans before restarting any activity, be it training or competitions.

As a sport the risk is that any failure to manage health and safety effectively will come back in the form of another COVID-19 wave. We need your collective support in being measured in how operations are restarted.

We will update you further early next week on the ongoing process from here."


COVID-19 effects on Netball - Update

The move to Alert Level 3 from Tuesday 28th April, does not bring any change from Lockdown/Level 4 conditions in terms of being able to play or train for netball.  Staff will also continue to work from home at Level 3.

At this stage it is not clear what, if any, netball will be able to be participated in at Level 2.  Netball NZ is keeping us updated as they receive information and decisions from Sport NZ. 

Hamilton City Netball Centre is committed to getting people back out participating in netball.  This will only happen when it is safe to do so as per the Ministry of Health and Sport NZ guidelines.

Please make the most of the Hamilton City Netball Centre COVID-19 webpages, Facebook and Instagram to keep yourself engaged with the community and up to date with the latest information.



COVID-19 - Level 4 - Lockdown


We are at Level 4 of New Zealand’s four-level COVID-19 alert system. It is likely Level 4 measures will stay in place for a number of weeks. 

Everyone should stay at home. This is the best thing we can all do to stop the spread of COVID-19. This will save lives.

The game of Netball will not be resuming in any form until the government lifts the Lockdown and allows sport to resume.

We will send out information to Club and Team Managers as and when it becomes available to us.

Do watch out on our website and Facebook pages in the coming weeks for ways in which you can still be part of the sport we all love from your home

Stay safe and stay at home so that we can see you all back on the courts in the near future.


2020 HCNC Netball Season Registrations

As you will be aware due to COVID-19 and the advisory of Netball New Zealand, all netball competitions are postponed until Saturday 2 May 2020 at the earliest. 

At Hamilton City Netball Centre we are still continuing to operate in an administration capacity and continue to prepare for the scheduled season.  This means that registrations for the 2020 season remain OPEN.

Please enter your teams into the appropriate competition and grade by 09 April 2020.  If you have not held trials yet estimate the number of teams you have and the grade they will be in.  We would prefer you to over-estimate the number of teams that you may have.  Teams can be removed later if needed.  A Team Manager and Umpire are required before teams can be approved.  Players names can be added at a later stage when you have these confirmed. 

We will send out invoices as usual for entered teams that are approved.  Once the season starts we can process any refunds required.

If you require any help with entering teams, please contact admin@netballhamilton.org.nz or 07 847 4007


Netball New Zealand Coronavirus (COVID-19) Community Netball Advisory

Netball New Zealand (NNZ) and the five netball Zones have met to discuss the latest developments and government announcements in respect of the national response to Covid-19.

NNZ has put out an advisory to all Centres today Tuesday 17 March

Hamilton City Netball Centre (HCNC) is adhering to all the items in the advisory of NNZ as follows.  HCNC asks that Clubs and schools also follow the NNZ advisory.                                                                                                                                           

All netball competitions are to be postponed until Saturday 2 May 2020 at the earliest. 

All community events, competitions, programmes, tournaments, workshops and player development programmes planned and in progress are to be postponed until Saturday 2 May at the earliest.  This means for HCNC that all Summer Leagues, Skills Sessions, Development Academies and Coach and Umpire course which are currently in progress or planned have been cancelled as of today.  HCNC will not be holding the Pre-Season Tournament on 18th April. 

Umpires, officials, coaches and managers meetings to prepare for a May start will be conducted online wherever practicable. Where this is not practicable, all current Ministry of Health recommendations around safe practises will be adhered to.

Recognising the need for teams to prepare for a competition starting from 2 May at the earliest, clubs and schools in the process of trialling, naming teams and commencing trainings are to postpone until four weeks before the start of their competition or the first week in April at the earliest.  Given the changing environment this position may change in coming weeks. HCNC trials were scheduled for after 01 April and at this stage will be continuing as planned.

The Centre AGM will be postponed until May at the earliest.

Court hireage for practices will be postponed until Tuesday 05 May at the earliest.

Netball New Zealand and the Zones are liaising with government officials at national and regional levels in both health and sport constantly, monitoring all developments and reviewing the above advisory fluidly and in response to the changing environment.  HCNC will stay in constant contact with NNZ and our Zone and will follow any further advisories.

We appreciate your understanding and patience as we move through these difficult times.  We will do everything we can to get our community playing on our brand new courts as soon as it is safe to do so.


David Bluett                                                       Clare Frankhouser

Board Chair                                                         Centre Manager

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