Minogue Park netball courts set for resurfacing

11 Oct

We are VERY excited to finally tell you about our plans!

In partnership with Hamilton City Council and Trust Waikato all 21 courts will be resurfaced in rubber, the amenities block is being re-configured and upgraded and the main building is also being upgraded with some layout changes.

We Thank You for your patience with the degraded court surfaces and faint lines this season. We hope that it will have all been worth it to have an international level surface for all to play on.

We will keep you updated as the work progresses. The plan is to run as many leagues, tournaments and camps over the summer as the court resurfacing programme allows.

We need your help! The decision now needs to be made what colour to have the courts. The options we have are blue courts with green surrounds or green courts with blue surrounds. Shortly a way to vote on your choice will be set up on Facebook with pictures of how it could look. Keep an eye out for this.

For further details of the $3million project click the below article


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