New Competition System Update

4 Mar

Over the last few weeks, we have launched a new website and registration program.  In the upcoming weeks, we will be launching a new competition management system.  To ensure our new systems are as accurate as possible, we need your help.  Starting the week of the 4th of March, your club/school will receive an email from our new competition and registration system, Friendly Manager.  The email will be going to the club/school email that we have on file for you. 

We are asking all Club Managers and School Administrators to login and update club/school details.  A snapshot of the registration process is listed below.

  • Club Managers/Administrators will receive an email with temporary login details and instructions on how to change the password for your account.
  • The Club Manager/Administrators will login as the manager/administrator and manage clubs or school.  The Club Manager/Administrator will be able to see draws, check club balances, and register teams.
  • It is the job of the Club Manager/Administrator to create teams and team managers.   
  • Once Club Managers/Administrators create teams and team managers, the system will automatically send out an email to team managers with login details.
  • The team manager will login and register players/coaches/umpires.
  • After players/coaches/umpires have been entered, an email will be sent to them so they can update contact and details like date of birth.

If you do not receive an email by 7th of March, please contact us at or call the office at 07.847.4007

To aid in this process, we are hosting registration nights.  It is at these nights we will be available to assist you and answer any questions you may have about the registration process.  Dates and times for these sessions are as follows:

Thursday, the 7th of March: 6pm-7:15pm

Monday, the 11th of March 6:30pm-7:30pm

If you are unable to attend one of these sessions, please feel free to use the guide attached to assist you.  Additionally, feel free to call the office or stop by the office to receive additional assistance. 


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