Premier indoor netball: Close games, big scores and good crowds as season launches

Nikki Crombie as C for Verdettes Marist Old Girls and Liz McLean (in red) at C for St Peter
6 May

Indoor Premier Netball Results for May 6

HGHS Langman 42 vs Allied HOB Keppler Premier 43
St Peter's Premier 52 vs Verdettes Marist OG 61
Nottingham Castle Rangers 75 vs St Paul's Premier 23
Verdettes Marist Premier Reserve 46 vs University of Waikato Premier 49
FTNC Premier Reserve 36 vs University of Waikato Premier Reserve 42
Waikato Diocesan Open A 16 vs FTNC Premier 55

The first week of the Trust Waikato Hamilton City Netball Centre (TWHCNC) premier indoor competition started on May 6 with some good crowds and big scores but there were also a couple of close games. The closest was between Allied HOB Keppler Premier and OTC Timber HGHS Langman and the game at different stages could have gone either way.

At the end of the first quarter Allied HOB had a one goal lead with the score being 11 goals to 10. At half time this had reversed to have HGHS Langman with a one goal lead. The score at half time was 23 goals to 22.

HGHS Langman were able to strengthen their lead in the third quarter to be ahead by three goals with the score being 33 goals to 30.
Allied HOB had a strong final quarter to take the win by a goal. The final score was 43 goals to 42. For Allied HOB it was an awesome start to the season.

The team has an exciting mix of experience and youth, past and present players. The HGHS Langman pushed Allied HOB in a competitive and exciting game which was a credit to both teams. It was very evenly matched and the circle defence for both teams was relentless, putting the attacking ends under pressure.

Allied HOB were able to try a number of combinations and utilised the experience of Sonya Noble at goal attack and Carlee Logan at centre and wing attack, both bringing composure to the attacking end.

In the final quarter, Kataraina Ormsby at wing attack, Grace Watson at goal shoot and goal attack and Kelsey McPhee at goal shoot were able to finish the game strongly.

Leash Fielding at wing defence and centre was highly effective taking player of the match. For HGHS Langman the game was a great tussle with the game being goal for goal for most of the game. The young HGHS Langman team competed well including under pressure.

It really was a crowd thriller to start the competition. The players demonstrated some beautiful netball against a very smart and skillful opposition. There were outstanding performances by Kaiya Kepa at wing defence and Ivari Christie at goal attack and centre. All players made a positive contribution to what was a fantastic match.

Verdettes Marist Premier and University of Waikato Premier

Marist Premier started well to take a good lead at the end of the first quarter and were ahead by seven goals with the score being 17 goals to 10.

The second quarter was goal for goal with the half time score being 27 goals to 20. University Premier had a big third quarter clawing their way back to have the score drawn at 37 goals apiece.

The final quarter was again close but University Premier in what is quite a new side were able to get into a rhythm allowing them to get a slight advantage and they won the game 49 goals to 46. For University Premier and the new young players, it was a slow start.

Over the next quarter they adjusted and started working together more cohesively. It was a huge third quarter and the team showed composure in the last quarter.

The team worked tirelessly to turn ball over. The standout performances were from shooter Jade Kawhe shooting at 87% and Hylan Potts in the midcourt at wing attack and centre, and new to our region this year, is goal keep Atareta McCausland-Durie, who picked up vital ball when needed.

For Marist Premier the game was an exciting one and the team really stepped up against the current champions.

Overall, the players thrived on the challenge and were pleased to have the lead for the majority of the game, fighting hard right to the end. Some basic errors towards the end of the game cost the game but were all things that can be worked on and fixed.

FTNC Premier Reserve and University of Waikato Premier Reserve.

There was nothing in the first quarter with University Premier Reserve having a one goal lead with the score being 11 goals to 10. By half time University Premier Reserve had increased their lead and the score was 22 goals to 16.

In the third quarter they went from strength to strength with the score being 36 goals to 25. Then in the final quarter FTNC Premier Reserve had a resurgence and they narrowed the gap to come within six goals. The final score was 42 goals to 36.

For FTNC Premier Reserve the game was well contested and the defence end got some great turnover ball.

There were some moments of awesome attack and Ola Sii Talakai at goal shoot, shot at 94% which was pretty impressive.

Captain Melissa Burt at goal keep was player of the day with relentless one-on-one defence, winning some great ball in combination with Caitlan Ridling at wing defence and Jennifer Adam at goal defence and goal keep.

On attack the team put together some nice moments with good vision looking into the circle, and working on getting the ball to the circle edge. Another great game.

ther games

St Peter's Premier and Verdettes Marist Old Girls also had a great game with good spectator support. Marist Old Girls started strongly and led by seven goals at the end of the first quarter.

St Peter's Premier came back slightly in the second quarter to narrow the gap by a goal. The half time score was 31 goals to 25. The third quarter was close again but Old Girls did increase their lead to be nine goals ahead with the score being 48 goals to 39.

The final quarter was goal for goal showing how competitive these two teams are. The final score was 61 goals to 52.

Waikato Diocesan Open A had a tough task against FTNC Premier who led from start to finish becoming more confident as the game progressed. For Waikato Diocesan their best quarter was the first quarter. The half time score was 23 goals to 11 and the fulltime score was 55 goals to 16.

Similarly for the game between Nottingham Castle Rangers and St Paul's Premier. Castle Rangers were dominant from the start with the first and final quarters being their best in terms of goals scored.

The half time score was 38 goals to 10 and the fulltime score was 75 goals to 23. St Paul's were consistent and persistent in their performance across the four quarters.

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