Umpire Shirts

We love having our umpires in our Umpire Shirts! 

This helps the community to identify that you are on the umpire education pathway and at what level on the pathway you are.

Anyone can purchase an Umpire Shirt providing you meet the requirements of the level of the umpire education pathway.


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Renegade Polo

To order an Umpire Shirt please email

An invoice will then be sent out to you and we will let you know when you shirt has arrived.

Red Umpire in Training Shirt - $40

To purchase a  "Red" Umpire Shirt you must passed the online Netball New Zealand New/Player Umpire Module.

This shirt is included in the fees for Introduction to Umpire courses.

White Umpire Shirt - $40

To purchase a  "White" Umpire Shirt you must hold a current Netball New Zealand Zone Theory or above.

This shirt is included in the fees for Zone Award.

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