Community Interviews

Get to know some of our Hamilton City Netball Community through these short videos.  All videos were recorded in 2020 when New Zealand was in the first Covid-19 lockdown.

Shannon Martin
Youth Co-ordinator - Hamilton City Netball Centre

Shannon tells us about her role as the new Youth Co-ordinator and her life in her bubble.

Val Temm
President - Hamilton City Netball Centre

Val talks about her life in sport and her role as Centre President.

Irene Gubb
Junior Co-ordinator - Hamilton City Netball Centre

Irene shares her life long involvement in netball and how this helps her with her role as Junior Co-ordinator and Coach Co-ordinator.

Darne Rawiri
Senior Umpire - Hamilton City Netball Centre

Darne chats with us about her umpire pathway and life in lockdown


Jan Teesdale
Umpire Lead - Netball Waikato Bay of Plenty

Jan chats with us on her thoughts of Covid - 19. Jan state's "Sport is in our DNA as New Zealanders and we will get through this".

Georgie Edgecombe
Magic Training Partner

Georgie is a former Hamilton City Netball Centre Rep player.  She gives us an insight into her life in lockdown and life as a Magic Training Partner.

Clare Frankhouser
Centre Manager - Hamilton City Netball Centre

Clare speaks about her sporting background and Covid-19

David Bluett
Board Chair - Hamilton City Netball Centre

Meet David Bluett, who is the Chairman of Hamilton City Netball Centre. David talks to us about his role, the structure of the centre and how the New Courts Project occurred.

Gaylene Eyre
Board Member - Hamilton City Netball Centre

Gaylene Eyre is a board member at HCNC, she has been directly affected by COVID - 19. Gaylene talks with Jamie about her career in sports. Later on, she will talk with us about how it impacted her and her family lives, watch this space.

Kath Holmes
Representative Coach - Hamilton City Netball Centr

Kath Holmes is a Representative Coach for Hamilton City Netball Centre and a Coach Developer for Netball Waikato Bay of Plenty. Kath chats with us about how the Lockdown has affected sport and the community.

Ariana Cable-Dixon
Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic Player

Ariana Cable-Dixon plays for the Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic and is a member of Waikato University Netball Club where she plays in the Premier Indoor League at Hamilton City Netball Centre


Greg Smith
Centre Director - Sport Science & Human Performanc

Greg talks about COVID-19 and the partnership between Hamilton City Netball Centre and Wintec

Kuini Thompson
Coach and Umpire - Hamilton City Netball Centre

Kuini Thompson has coached many people in her sporting journey. She was awarded from NNZ for her contribution to coaching and has many Netball Coaching and Umpiring qualifications. Kuini chats with Jamie about her love for Netball and her thoughts on COVID - 19 and how it will affect sport.

Tania Anderson
Waikato Tainui Mens and Mixed Netball Association

Tania Anderson is a coach for Waikato Tainui Men's and Mixed Netball and New Zealand Men's Netball Team. Tania chats with Jamie about her sporting journey and Men's & Mixed Netball within NZ.

Angela Ruske
St Peters School, Cambridge

Angela Ruske is the Assistant Director of Sport at St Peters, she was part of the coaching team that took St Peters to the NZ Secondary School Nationals bringing home First Place to the Waikato for the first time. She talks to Jamie in level four lockdown about her sporting journey and the focus of the 2019 Champaign going into NZSS.

Amanda Foster
NWBOP Magic Team Physiotherapist

Amanda Foster is the Physiotherapist for NWBOP Magic Team. She previously worked for ACC in the NetballSmart space and has a Masters in Physiotherapy. Amanda gives us an insight into her role for the Magic team and has some important messages about returning to training this week.

Maddison Oliver-Coffey
Netball NZ Youth Board Member

Meet Maddison Oliver-Coffey, Maddy plays for her school, our representative teams, she has her NZ Theory Umpire qualification, she coaches Netball, she is on the Hamilton City and NNZ Youth advisory boards. Maddison chats with our Youth Coordinator Shannon about her many roles in our Sport.

Will Kopa
Umpire - Hamilton City Netball Centre

Will Kopa is a Umpire for Hamilton City Netball Centre. He currently holds his NZ C Award, he is Centre Umpire Coach and is on the NWBOP Umpire Performance Pathway. He chats with us about his umpire Journey and how it began.


Amigene Metcalfe
Head Coach - Netball WBOP Magic

Amigene Metcalfe is the Head Coach for NWBOP Magic, she talks to us about her Coach Pathway and her life as an athlete and how she kept her team motivated during the lockdown. The NWBOP Magic has there first game 19th June, "GOOD LUCK" we will be cheering from our homes.

Anahia Noble
Player - Hamilton City Netball Centre

Anahia Noble currently plays for Fraser Tech, a coach, and has played in our Representative teams. She chats with Shannon about her life in Netball.

Kim Howard
Director of Netball - Hamilton Girls High School

Meet Kim Howard is currently the Director of Netball at Hamilton Girls High School. Kim has worked alongside of Dame Noeline Taurua and she has had lots of experience in NZ and Australia Netball.

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