Introduction To 7v7 Double Up League

The purpose of this grade is to allow kids who have just moved into Year 7, a chance to learn 7v7 netball in a safe and encouraging environment. Teams should enter this grade if majority of their players are new to 7v7 netball. If your team is made up of Year 8's please enter into one of our Year 8 grades. 

Format of Games: 

Teams will play two x 20-minute games each night.  Games will be back-to-back. Each game will have 10-minute halves with 2-minute break.

The structure of grades could change, depending on how many teams register e.g., Teams could play one x 40-minute game each night.  Each game will have 4 x 10-minute quarters (10, 2 quarter time break, 10, 3 min half time break, 10, 2 10).

Note: Competitions/Grades could be combined, or cancelled due to lack of team registrations.


  • All teams will play under World Netball Rules
  • All Hamilton City Netball Centre policies and procedures will be adhered to. These are available on the website ( Rolling subs permitted
  • See below for individual league rules
  • No injury time 
  • If the game is called off due to serious injury, the game could be moved to another free court.
  • If the game is called off for injury/foul play etc, and both teams agree to stop the game, the score will be as is, at stoppage.  If one team agrees to continue and the other team does not, the default will be given to the team who does not want to continue playing.

Points: Due to the Double-Up Leagues being Social Grades, scorecards will be issued, however, scores and points will not be published.


Each team is asked to provide an umpire who will manage their team’s games.


A uniform is NOT required but bibs of the same colour must be worn by all team members. Teams are to supply their own bibs.

Teams are to provide a match ball.

To Register:

  • If you are a Club or School your Club Manager can register your team through Friendly Manager
  • If you are a Social team please contact  


Once registrations close, teams will be approved and invoices sent to Team/Club Managers via email. 

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